Ric Allinson

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Ric Allinson
  • Lokalizacja: Kent, Wielka Brytania
  • Strefa czasowa: GMT
  • Rola: Development Coordinator
    Koordynator programistów
  • WWW: ratlaw.co.uk

Ric, 30, of Kent, United Kingdom, is an IT manager and discovered Mambo in 2003 while looking for a corporate CMS. He now spends his time coding Open Source systems for companies that don't have large IT budgets. He says he is constantly in search of elegant solutions to coding problems, lives in the Object Orientated camp of coding and loves a good framework, Joomla! being his framework of choice. This comes from his corporate Java background which was soon dropped when PHP5 hit the servers. Apart from computers, he's worked as an illustrator designing collectibles such as Noddy and Thunderbirds and in the film and television industry as a CGI artist on several Hollywood projects and a handful of low budget satellite channels.

Ostatnio zmieniany Śr. 27 Lut 2013
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