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W Honorowej Loży Projektu Joomla! są liderzy grup roboczych, projektanci, programiści, moderatorzy, którzy przez wiele lat rozwijali Joomla!

Wendy Robinson
  • Lokalizacja: British Columbia, Kanada
  • Strefa czasowa: GMT -8
  • Profil na forum: Wendy
  • Twitter: @wendy_409

Wendy has been a member of the Joomla community since 2005. She began volunteering as a moderator in the forums in 2006, eventually joining the Global Moderators and Forum Administrators team. In addition to her forum roles, Wendy has been on various teams such as the Community Workgroup, The Joomla Resources Directory team, and the marketing team. She has managed the Joomla Shop and served a 2 year term as an Open Source Matters Board Member from 2008 to 2010.

Sandra Warren

She has been building computers since 1987 and websites since the late 90s. She is the CEO of Magnolia Web Group which focuses on every angle of the web development arena using Joomla only. Sandra was the original admin of the Joomla People Portal and was on the CLT for one year. She is now the Full time Copy Editor, Designer, and Web Developer for the Jackson County Times newspaper.

Omar Ramos

Omar is currently the webmaster at Imperial Valley College (IVC) in Southern California. In that role he's used Joomla as the primary platform for developing web applications for the college tying in disparate systems such as Sungard Banner and Microsoft Active Directory into the college's web presence. Currently, he is working on migrating the college's main website to Joomla from its commercial CMS system and finishing up his second year of teaching part-time for the college. Before beginning work at IVC, Omar was finishing up his bachelor's degree and performing freelance work for local businesses in the area. Over the last few years Omar has contributed to Joomla as part of the Joomla Bug Squad and is happy to begin helping with the Production Leadership Team.

Milena Mitova

With more than 8 years of online marketing experience and a broad set of technical, creative and project management skills to complement her Joomla website-building skills, Milena creates high-impact websites and specializes in SEM (search engine marketing), analytics, PPC (pay-per click advertising), and landing page optimization. She owns Complete Website Care and works as an online marketing manager for FalconStor Software, Inc. She also voulnteers as an author and team member for Joomla Community Magazine.

Christophe Demko
  • Lokalizacja: La Rochelle, Francja, Europa
  • Strefa czasowa: GMT +1
  • Profil na forum: chdemko

He was born in 1965 and now lives in France. He is currently an assistant professor of computer sciences at the University of La Rochelle (France, Europe). He passed his MA in 1989 and his Ph.D. in 1992. Influenced by the practice of judo from early childhood, he has endeavoured to apply one of its principles in the service of the free software community "Best use of energy and mutual welfare" (Jigoro Kano).

He created or improved several extensions for Joomla:

He also contributed to Joomla's documentation (Hello World J!1.6 and Developing a Model-View-Controller Component for Joomla 1.6). Last, but not least, he now collaborates on the development of Joomla 1.6.

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